Introduction to Meditation

Christian Meditation is a form of Contemplative Prayer. It allows one to pray in silence, to become rooted to God, and the love that He has for all of us. This page contains links to some material that will introduce you to Christian Meditation.

The Way of Meditation describes how to meditate. It actually is very simple; just follow the few steps described on this page.

Distractions plague all meditators. In this page, Paul Harris tells us how to deal with them.

John Main and Christian Meditation in Canada. Fr. John Main introduced Christian Meditation to the world and is revered as the founder of the Christian Meditation movement. This page contains a brief description of his life and accomplishments.

Short (audio) talks for meditators. This page contains short introductory audio clips by Fr. John Main, and Fr. Laurence Freeman, the current spritual director of the Christian Meditation movements.

Small Groups in Canada. Small groups exist in many places in Canada and throughout the world. They are designed to help you with your meditation practice. Consult this list to find one near you.

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